Adidas ACE 17+ Purecontrol FG – Laceless Boot Release

We are already moving to Adidas second-generation, useless ACE17 + Purecontrol boot release, which is replenished with sophisticated technology. To make sun-brown boots they must come together to give an ideal fit that does not fall off your feet. This proved to be functional already in the original release, so where did Adidas now take the silos?

The execution of the assortment has broken with minor changes and correct operation. But when you have to play on the top level without having to worry about boots, can you count on a really sneaky design to get you through a big game? Here are the details of what to expect when you decide to go to the next race!

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Initial reaction
Between Red Limit and Checkered Black, Adidas actually changed and changed the feel and suitability of ACE17 + Purecontrol. This was the most obvious hypothesis because we expected the first release to have characteristics for each silos. But in the first version there was something wrong, and Adidas was daring enough to make the transition immediately. Some people should not announce early versions to be changed, and others point out that they applauded the proactive approach. In any way, the changes they make are positive and you can tell the difference just by taking them out of the box.

Intrusion and comfort

The Adidas ACE 17+ Purecontrol FG laceless boot concept allows you to instantly raise a large red flag when you feel comfortable. Without a strap, you can basically rely on the foot structure to keep your foot in place. As soon as you remove it from the box, the shape of the boot will remain firm and include a high-cut anchor collar or PrimeCut. But to be fair, there is a sense of flexibility around the upper, and when they slip on their feet, they feel quite good. Of course, once you’ve found the right size (read "How do I fit?" Below). Adidas developed a silo and found a way to soften the material without reducing the amount of lock he feels.

The first thing you do when you get it in the first place is to try it barefoot. All the materials inside the boots are softer and should be comfortable immediately. Pull it out using the pull tab to see if it is too tight or loose. Once you’ve put them in the game, the upper part has some skill and loosens a bit to better fit your foot shape. I did not say this about the previous model for boot, so there has been a concrete improvement in this area.

At the time of wear, I saw no hotspots, so I think Adidas ACE 17+ Purecontrol FG are comfortable boots. However, since the overall structure of the boot is contraindicated, a little pressure is applied to the foot’s surface. For some people this can not be a problem. But I prefer the ability to tighten or tighten the straps the way I want without the slightest shooting space and the fear of loose space can be a problem.

Purecontrol 17+ vs. Pure control 16+

There are three important differences between the two silos. The first is the shape and the material around the ankle. PrimeCut knit is much thinner than the latest models, and ControlSkin actually moves along the race area to create better structures and locks. It also means that ControlSkin is deep into the strike area, not the soft, comfortable material. Finally, Boost technology is included under your feet so you can return more energy while jumping away from the surface. Because all three repairs improve boot performance, adidas has done a good job of upgrading the scope.

Raceless design

To be honest, this is scary to me. If the material around your foot is too tight your bones become narrow. If it’s too loose, the end glides and moves. To use technology, you must give up the freedom by default. This is especially for those who can not try before they get worn. However, let’s know that the whole system works to ease your concerns. Adidas has done a great job of combining it and making it suitable for a wide range of athletes. The biggest coup is the use of Paiho materials specially made around the ankle lining and racing area. This is still elastic, but there is no sense of overload.

Inside the luggage has an auxiliary cake or inner cage that helps create a lock. Adidas ACE 17+ Purecontrol FG is essentially a layer of ultra-thin rubber that moves around the foot structure and around the soles of the soles and feet. I do not make substantive definitions by calling it rubber.

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